Cyber people void vision

"...just discovered your site, and I wanted to tell you that you make me one happy Israeli guy. I work as a sound engineer, living in Tel Aviv, and I love the 80's. In fact, two good friends of mine and myself formed an oriented-80's synth band. After years of playing rock, for some reason I have never imagined I would be playing this kind of music. I used to listen to as a kid (before I discovered the electric guitar). Your work brings back to life this music i miss and love so much. Thank you sir!"

Nani Pelekai
Jumba (creator)
David Kawena
Cobra Bubbles
Keoni Jameson
Angel (girlfriend)
Grand Councilwoman
Yuna Kamihara ( Stitch! )
Ai ( Stitch & Ai )

Cyber People Void VisionCyber People Void VisionCyber People Void VisionCyber People Void Vision